Lebanon 24/7

Lebanon 24-7Lebanon 24/7 is an extraordinary portrait of a country that is both historically and culturally deeply connected to the outside world.

In a series of compelling accounts, Martijn van der Kooij sketches a modern, sensual and often perplexing country. He comes into close contact with Hezbollah, dips into the nightlife of glamorous Beirut, lives a spine-tingling adventure in ‘tricky’ Tripoli and goes in search of a hidden synagogue. In ‘Lebanon 24/7’ the reader sees Lebanon through foreigners eyes.

The book can be used as both an introduction to Lebanon and as a travel guide. The English edition contains a brand new, up-to-date introduction and extra travel tips, including safety warnings.



Lebanon 24/7
Adventure stories & travel guide
Martijn van der Kooij
isbn 9789491757679, 182 blz, € 20

Ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands: Alle dagen Libanon.